THE FILM About the film Directed by: Małgorzata Brama
Country of production: Poland
Location: Warsaw
Running time: 43 minutes
“Radosław” is a 2013 documentary film produced in Poland and directed by Małgorzata Brama (Targówek '44, 13 sierpnia 44, Oberlangen...). It tells the story of one of the legendary leaders of the Warsaw Rising: Lieutenant Colonel Jan Mazurkiewicz (codename Radosław), Commander of the Kedyw (Directorate for Subversion) and emblematic leader of the Radosław group. The film thus recounts the actions undertaken by Radosław and his group during the sixty-three days that lasted the uprising. “Radosław” is also based on the relationship between the last living members of his group during the summer of 1944.

Association of Warsaw InsurgentsCommissioned by the Association of Warsaw Insurgents, the film is also co-funded by the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression and by the Ministry of National Defence of Poland. Film production was entrusted to the Foundation Erina B and sponsored by the following media: TVP Historia, Mówią Wieki, Portal Filmowy Kręci się, Miesięcznik Stolica. It also received support from the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation, the Warsaw Rising Museum and the city of Warsaw.

The premiere was held at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw on 27 August 2013 for the 117th anniversary of Jan Mazurkiewicz. Crew, actors (including Ireneusz Czop) and the granddaughter of “Radosław” were present at this event.

No official release date has yet been announced.